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One time for the one time? Why sleep on it? Nightmares can be just as vivid as real life. I only hope to brighten you’re sight of future ahead. The past will keep you guessing, keep your cash by your weapon, but the non-violent way is the message. Why sleep on it? Life is just as beautiful as you want it to be. By shedding a little light to dark or gold to white or green to gray or yellow to beige as our dullness’ collide in friction sharpening the edge of which we slash… dare enter our realm, but be wise. Each Jewel dropped embarks a journey of its own. Flavored naturally. Minneapolis born. Head in the clouds. Heat for the low. Peace to the world.

– A$H

“F*** rap”

– A$H

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Igod Divine
Artist Manager
(612) 807-4152

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