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Producer, Writer, Performer | Chi Body

Meet the production swords man behind the lyrical mastery of A$H, Chi the younger brother of A$H  is a musical Phenom, with his death defying drum kicks and soul filled horns, he brings the song to life to life…. Or for that matter…. to death!!! Depending on what kind of sound you need…. He has been known to murder a track or two also, with his unorthodox style of rhyming, and grimy urban hood team overtone delivery.  Couple that with a lyrical swagger that keeps you at the edge of your seat asking for more!!!!

Chi Body is the next one up that will produce and master bangers and hits across the country!

Chi Body who is only 18 years old has a remarkable ability to create a universal number of sounds. He has already worked with a number of movie directors/producers putting together scores and sound tracks for a number of independent feature films and shorts.

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Igod Divine
Artist Manager
(612) 807-4152

If you have any queries, please send message, and we will be in touch soon

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A fluid picture painted through a musical brush, both with broad strokes of bass lines and also pin point precision of horns and wood wind instruments….. Like the saying goes ” A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words” and we can see why Ziggy named this joint 10,000 words, because it is a composition of a beautiful masterpiece.

10,000 Words